Counseling of the actual opportunities of your startup for the Turkish Market - a bridge to MENA

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Why Turkey?

At the cross-section of two continents and with strong influence in the region, Turkey possess a unique position for reaching more than 30 countries.

Our Services

M&A Consulting

ComTurk aspires to be the leading boutique consulting firm for companies from around the world for their market entry to Turkey and then, from Turkey to the world.

Business Consulting

We believe that introducing your product in the Turkish market will open new opportunities for your whole company. Our cross-cultural team possess long time careers in the markets we operate, which gives us a true advantage in understanding our customers’ needs and market realities.


We would like to help companies that want to bring their products into the Turkish market. Together with local experts, ComTurk will provide the best solution for our customers to get the best results

Legal Affairs

To strengthen your legal position and ensure business sustainability we provide commercial legal advice and compliance guidance starting from the very beginning of the market entry process

A cross-cultural focused team

Our Offices

We have specialized teams and own offices in Istanbul (Turkey) and Bay Area, CA (USA).